PURE ReKendell Hair Systems was created in nothing short of wonder and amazement.

On October 2015 I went to a highly recommended and well trusted hair stylist in Atlanta, Georgia. Shortly after, the stylist applied a chemical relaxer to my hair and rinsed the product out, my hair started falling out when I touched my hair. When I returned home, my hair was going down the drain in the shower. I immediately called the stylist, and even though he was full of apologies he offered no comfort or resolution to my crisis. Obviously, there was no resolution other than shaving my head which was confirmed by the Aveda salon that I franticly went running into. Left with no other options, I had my hair cut down to a length short enough to cover my scalp, and resigned myself to several months of bald spots after the remaining hair came out. 

In the midst of my hysteria, I contacted a friend who suggested 4 oils for me to purchase to assist in my hair growth. I quickly moved forward and made the purchase, only to set them on the bathroom counter and lay on the couch, sobbing for the next 2 days. On the 3rd day I was jerked out of my sleep with the equivalent of a bolt of lightning coming through the window. I heard my deceased sister voice say to me, "Kellee get over yourself! This is hair we're taking about. People loose their hair everyday just to stay alive! Now what are you going to do to help somebody else?"  I got out of bed, looked in the mirror and I did just that. I "got over myself." I started mixing and applying oils to my minimal amount of hair. That was where my oil "obsession" began!

I spent the following year studying the properties in the oils, mixing oils, adding oils, taking out oils, and most importantly  adjusting the measurements of the oils. What originally started out as 4 oils has been perfected into 12 of the richest, most luxurious oils in today's market. Throughout my hair journey, one factor has remained consistent. Not all oils are created equal! The purity of the oils and the exact measurements of each individual oil is imperative to create an effective non-greasy product, quality is everything! As for my hair, within 7 weeks my hair had complety grown back and is healthier and more vibrant than it had ever been! For that, I owe my sister Angela Kendell Pogue, for turning a traumatic event into a blessing that many will benefit from. I not only hope, but I know that once you try PURE ReKendell Hair Systems, you'll experience similar results! Stay Beautiful!