PURE ReKendell Hair Systems has changed so many lives and continue to add shine not just to their hair but also to the life of our devoted clients. Here's just a few testimonies...their words, not ours. 

Received my bottle of "PURE" December 17th December 24th 2016 (within a week of using the "PURE" product) my hair had already shown signs of "ReKendell" I could visually see the once bald spot (at hair line) was now a shadow of hair growing back. My reaction was WOW, OMG & thank you God!!! I repeated these five words at least 10 times (each time a little cat thought I'd lost it. This product is not only amazing it's brilliant, extraordinary and fabulous!!! Thank you, ReKendell for restoring my self-esteem with your "PURE" product. I'm a customer for life. WOW!!!

Elizabeth Galli

I started using Rekendell Hair Systems because I suffer from dry scalp, embarrassing flakes, and my hair just was not growing. The moisture and luster was gone. This 20 minute product created a solution in that it restored the hair to unbelievable softness and welcoming texture. As a qualified hair care professional, I extended this product to my clients suffering from thinning and over processed hair. Rekendell is an new evolution to the way hair growth is promoted without greasy hair build up.
My client's believe that I am performing a miracle.

Jamaila Parker

Using Rekendell Hair Systems has been the best decision of my life. Unlike other customers, I actually use this product from hair to toe due to its natural and organic qualities. I have very sensitive skin which extends to my scalp. I have also tried multiple products that just end up making the situation worse. However, from the moment I tried Rekendell Hair systems, the softness and shine to my hair was unreal. So of course I had to try it again and it wasn't a fluke. Definitely a gem in a bottle. 

Goodness Okoro

I absolutely adore Pure Rekendell Hair Systems. I cannot believe how shiny, silky, and healthy my hair is these days. I am a customer for life! 

Suzanne Parks


I'm a hairstylist in Columbus Ohio that has used Rekendell Hair Systems daily on clients. I use it on Natural hair and relaxed hair, I use it with conditioner under the dryer and also as a blow-dry treatment. I appreciate the softness and silk with a flat iron. The manageability is incredible. I recommend it to all stylist and clients. Love it, it's awesome!!!


My Mother and I have started to use ReKendell Hair Sytems and let me tell you, it works wonders. We have been using the oil treatment for about a month and already we have seen the difference and quick results, our hair is softer, shinier and best of all our hair is growing healthier and what I love about this product is that it doesn't leave your hair greasy like other oil treatments. 


I am so very excited about "PURE."  I had been experiencing dry itchy scalp and hair for weeks with no relief in sight. My rest was constantly disturbed by fierce clawing, and damage to my scalp. I honestly considered going to a dermatologist for relief, nothing had worked. Then suddenly, l was blessed to discover what I call a touch from heaven. With just one application my scalp began to drink in all life it had been deprived of. To my utter surprise, and delight, the itching STOPPED! My hair instantly began to shine and bounce happily around my face as if to say "FINALLY" I'M ALIVE. Pure is the bomb!

I must say this is the best oil I have ever tried. I had spots and they are coming back in and my hair texture has totally changed for the better. This hair oil is the bomb. Thanks so much Kellee for the introduction of such a great product!

Martha P Baker

I would just like to say: "Pure oil has been great for my locks!" My locks have a newfound softened texture, as well as a shimmer and shine to them. I love the product and will be purchasing more.


Rekendell is an amazing product that I have never experienced before. I am a fanatic when it comes to changing the color of my hair. Just when I thought I had reached the pinnacle of my artistic journey Rekendell Hair Systems revived my hair to the hair that I was born with.

Karen Boddie

"Pure is most definitely a product my hair can not live without. Pure helps with my dry scalp and gives my hair a beautiful shine."

Natasha Fusalba